MapOMatix : A Collaborative Platform For Tactical Cartography
MapOMatix is a collaborative environment for creating and editing maps, the maps can contain physical elements ( oil resources, telecomunication antennas, ... ) as well as abstract ones ( human organisations, web servers, ... ) and relations between these entities. Behind this tool is the idea of editing and publishing tactical maps.
This project is developed with perl/SVG and you need to install the SVG plugin from Adobe for the full experience.
Unfortunately, it will not work well with the incomplete implementation of SVG 1.0 found in firefox or chrome, until this day (august 2011), so use Internet Explorer on windows or Mac OSX, it will not work well on Linux for now as Adobe did not update the plugin for Linux.

Deportations of african immigrants in Marruecos with version 0.0005

On Psycho Geographic Systems, a text by elpueblodechina, dialoguing with yves degoyon

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